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3 Tips To Train with Learning in Mind

Encouraging a growth mindset and emphasising the learning journey is a key component of Player Development. In this article, Founder of TOVO Academy, Todd Beane shares his thoughts on how you can ensure a learning environment.

Do you want your players to learn?

The night was cooling down as the players were warming up. These young footballers, fresh from primary school, sprinted on to the training ground with boundless energy to play like their heroes. Messi, Iniesta and Neymar were merely a short ride up the road in Barcelona and you could see the youngsters working on signature moves before the coach arrived.

And then training officially began.

The coach had a plan. He was ready to implement what he was convinced was to be a brilliant training session. Or at least the session looked good on paper and seemed amazing in theory.

"It could be justified well and 'there is method in it,' to quote Shakespeare."

I often see well thought-out trainings that coaches have devised with the best intentions. I can see within the drills the thought of...

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