Welcome to the first Friday Q&A.


The question this week comes from Daren:

“I have a group of players who are U11 and there is a real mix of ability in the group. How can I help build the confidence of some of the players who may be of lesser ability? We have had a tough start to the season and after 4 losses the boys are struggling”

Your Turn: Ask PDP Anything

Each week, we will choose a key question from our community for discussion.  In order to build a broad range of answers which will be valuable for our community, we need you to get involved.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Ask questions. Post them in the comments of this post, Tweet them to us at @playerdp, ask them on our Facebook page, or in the PDP Innovation Space.
  2. Answer questions. Every Friday, we’ll post a new Friday Q&A video. If you have anything to add or share regarding any of the questions asked, feel free to add your thoughts to the comments section below.


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Dave Wright
Dave Wright
Dave Wright is a Co-founder of Player Development Project & an academy coach based in London.
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