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John Haime’s Emotional Muscle Quiz

Check Your Level of Mental & Emotional Muscle in Football


Consider each of the statements below and determine your level of Mental/Emotional Football Muscle:


  1. I get frustrated on the pitch and it impacts my play.                                              Yes         No
  2. I get angry on the pitch and it impacts my play                                                        Yes         No
  3. I criticize myself when I make mistakes.                                                                      Yes         No
  4. I allow a poor play to affect the next play.                                                                  Yes          No
  5. I blame things around me when I don’t play well.                                                   Yes          No
  6. I struggle taking my game from the practice pitch to the game pitch.            Yes          No
  7. I give up on games when I don’t start well or am challenged.                            Yes          No
  8. I struggle to maintain my composure when I am under pressure.                    Yes          No
  9. I lack belief in my abilities in key situations on the pitch.                                     Yes          No
  10. I lose focus from my own emotions or distractions around me.                        Yes          No
  11. I try to do things that I know have a low probability of success.                        Yes          No
  12. I struggle to adapt to various situations I’m in on the pitch.                                Yes          No
  13. I have trouble staying positive when the game is not going well.                      Yes          No
  14. I often feel deflated and negative after I play.                                                             Yes          No
  15. I don’t enjoy the game as much as I believe I should.                                            Yes          No


 Scoring Key


If you answered Yes to …

0 – You are in control of your emotions on the pitch

1-3 – Some work needed in the training room

4-7 – Your thoughts and emotions are getting the best of you on the pitch

8 and above – Your performance and enjoyment of football are at risk!

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