Context and Creativity: Beyond Social Determinism and the Isolated Genius: A Rejoinder to Carl Hale

Review by: William A. Harper
By Alfonso Montuori and Ronald Purser

The Big Idea

Get ready for a dust-up!  The authors of this paper published a lengthy literature review and discussion on the social dimensions of creativity in an earlier paper we previously summarised for the Player Development Project.  Its title was “Deconstructing the Lone Genius Myth:  Toward a Contextual View of Creativity.”  Their primary intent in that paper was to argue that the idea of the lone genius theory of creativity needs revisiting.  It wasn’t long before Carl Hale took issue with the Montuori and Purser paper—in fact, rather miraculously it was published in the very same issue of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology.  In this rejoinder to Hale’s critical comments, Montuori and Purser criticise the criticiser for fundamentally misrepresenting the basic argument of their paper.