Goal Motives, Well-Being, and Physical Health: An Integrative Model

Review by: William A. Harper
By Paule Miquelon and Robert J. Vallerand

The Big Idea

The good news coming out of the general field of psychology since the beginning of the 21st Century is what is called positive psychology. Instead of primary preoccupation with the pathology of mental illness, understanding human well-being and happiness is attracting increasing numbers of scholars and practitioners. In particular, and related directly to this research paper, there is continuing empirical interest in learning more about the relationship between various psychological factors and improvements in physical health.

In the background of this paper is the self-determination theory of motivation. The possibility of learning in general, for example, is heavily influenced by the motivations of the learner. Whether such motivations are largely self-chosen or imposed will have significant influence on the relative success of learning the task at issue.

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