Long-term Practice with Domain-Specific Task Constraints Influences Perceptual Skills

Review by: William A. Harper
By Luca Oppici; Derek Panchuk; Fabio R. Serpiello; and Damian Farrow

The Big Idea

If this study does nothing else, it should reinforce a couple of useful ideas hovering over our sporting life.  First, there is inherent relevance for the power of field research to inform our sports practices.  Second, we are learning that our sporting practices, where possible, need to be as game-specific as we can make them.

This study is field-based in both its design and technical sophistication; it is not simulation, but fact-based and driven. By way of it we get a glimpse of why we need to improve the relevancy of our research contributions.  Here we are seeing the results of a study in situ.  Its novelty is in its effort to study futsal and soccer play as they are naturally given.  For example, most studies or teachings of ball passing in futsal or soccer begin with the ball already positioned at the player’s feet. Apparently to researcher and coach alike, the ball got there by an immaculate reception of sorts…