How to Make Enemies and Influence People: Anatomy of the Anti-pluralist, Totalitarian Mindset

Review by: William A. Harper
By Alfonso Montuori

The Big Idea

While summarising Montuori’s paper may well bring it home to the reader, there is an even better way to see the Big Idea.  For a wonderful and current example of this big idea in action, just follow the United States Presidential election process for the duration of the summer and fall of 2016.  In it you will see exactly what an anti-pluralist, totalitarian mind-set is in the so-called campaign of the Republican candidate for President.

We are not trying to politicise what is the normally objective stance of these reviews.  We only want to point out the resiliency of the position Montuori is explaining regarding political futures, their importance, and the inherent dangers of an anti-pluralistic and totalitarian mind-set.  His paper is political in nature.  He opened the door.  We walked through it.