Team Synergies in Sport: Theory and Measures

Review by: William A. Harper
By Duarte Araújo, and Keith Davids

The Big Idea

The Big Idea

The authors of this is recently published research paper (Frontiers in Psychology, September 2016) aim to demystify how individual players can better become a coherent team in sport performances.  More team coherence usually translates into more team success

They do this in three steps.  They:  1) explain the ecological dynamic framework of their theory; 2) describe what they call the shared affordances of the individual players and of teams; and 3) reveal four necessary ecological properties of team synergies and their measurement.

While understanding the intricacies of synergies requires the reader to hunker down, in the end the PDP reader will find the effort worth it; and this is because in it there are novel ideas and direct ways for teams to learn and use continuous self-organization during play to improve team coherency.