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Research Reviews

Some Costs of American Corporate Capitalism: A Psychological Exploration of Value and Goal Conflicts

Tim Kasser, Steve Cohn, Allen Kanner, Richard Ryan

The Big Idea

It might seem from the title of this research discussion on American corporate capitalism that it might have little relevance for the interests of our loyal Player Development Project readers.  Well, if you give this summary a go you will likely change your mind.  If one thinks a bit about the values and goals of corporate capitalism, it is impossible to ignore what has mysteriously become something of “the elephant in the room” in the contemporary world of football.

For the sake of context and backstory for why this paper holds special relevance for our PDP readers, you might want to read through a couple of recent PDP blogs by James Vaughan, our PDP lead researcher.  The first discusses the FIFA saga and how the fallout is having a corrupting effect on our coaching.  The second discusses the destructive effects of corporate economic incentives on our beloved sport, with the inspiring story of Leicester City football as a possible catalyst for reform.

The FIFA Saga: Coaching Corrupted

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