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Research Reviews

Creativity as a Developmental Resource in Sport Training Activities

Ludvig J. T. Rasmussen, Lars D. Ostergaard, and Vlad Glaveanu

The Big Idea

Few sport coaches would deny player creativity as an essential component of a winning game performance.  Nor would they deny that facilitating in-game creativity is typically a significant component of practice sessions.  In other words, when creativity is valued it is understood to be an end to be achieved; and it is measured by serendipitous or improvisational performance.

But in this research paper published in the journal, Sport, Education and Society (2017), the authors take a different approach to creativity and sport.  They argue that seeing creativity as a developmental resource for players is to redefine creativity not as an end of our play, but as a means to habit-breaking/re-making, learning, enjoyment, and solving even daily life challenges.  In other words, creativity is not a destination but an explore.

When coaches are preoccupied with narrowing their vision of creativity to performance, there is the possibility of trivializing the very event they pursue.  This happens when all eyes are open for creativity during competition but are closed to...

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