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Research Reviews

Transdisciplinarity: The Dawn of an Emerging Approach to Acquiring Knowledge

Rushiella Songca, University of South Africa

The Big Idea

Consistent with our effort to review worldly research publications for our PDP coaches, this paper on transdisciplinarity training was published in the International Journal of African Renaissance Studies.  Professor Songca isn’t writing explicitly for our PDP readers, but there is a way of seeing the paper as though he were.

Remarkably, the kind of transdisciplinarity training described in this appeal is consistent with a line of thinking in coaching education and development that values collaboration, dialogue, and interaction over control, mastery, and expertise.  In many ways, these value differences are at the core of the contemporary changes in thinking about the values of coaching and the coaching of values.


  • This paper begins with the view that from an academic stance, no matter the depth of our knowledge, the largest of our social problems remain unsolved.
  • In part, this predicament persists because the typical approach to study is to cleave the problem into so many parts that we are unable to see the whole problem ever more.
  • Transdisciplinarity is presented as a...

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