Tik Tak Total (Free Sample)

By Simon Millington

About The Coach

Simon Millington

Simon Millington is the County Coach Developer for The FA in Kent. Simon has been working as a coach educator with grassroots coaches for the last 4 years and has worked within grassroots coaching for the last 20 years. Simon developed a games based approach while working on community sessions with disengaged players in social inclusion settings but soon realised these types of practices are a valuable development tool for all player levels.

Additional Notes:

Technique refinement

  • Can players be encouraged to think about what passing techniques they could work n in this practice?
  • E.g. basic right foot, left foot, finesse, lofted etc.

Game Management

  • Why would they want to control the tempo of a game and how can they retain possession as a defensive strategy?

Tactical problem solving

  • What questions can they utilise to help their players solve problems?
  • E.g. When is it good to play slow or fast?
  • How can we identify and exploit lazy defending?

Can players be encouraged to set the scene, why are they running the practice? Is it an arrival activity to feed into a passing focussed session or is it part of a self directed play session where the kids use this game in as part of their chosen development.