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task constraints

Research Reviews

Natalia Balague, Rafel Pol, Carlota Torrents, Angel Ric, and Robert Hristovski The Big Idea This is an opinion paper.  The opinions herein revolve around how the components of complex systems self-organize.  In particular, the authors propose a more streamlined approach...

The Blog

In this video and article, PDP Lead Researcher, James Vaughan shares a 3 v 3 + 1 practice from a session with AIK players in Sweden. The video and session plan outlines how manipulating simple task constraints can allow players...

The Blog

Game-based learning has enormous benefits in terms of decision-making and skill acquisition. PE Teacher, blogger and regular PDP contributor, Sporticus shares his fantastic article on the advantages of manipulating games and the environment and how coaches can adjust conditions in...

The Blog

What are affordances and how can coaches implement a methodology that includes this relatively new idea in coaching practice? New PDP contributor and associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, Ben Franks shares his work on affordances and provides practical examples as...