whole part whole

In this PDP Live Session, FFA Coach Developer & Academy Coach, Anthony Frost demonstrates a whole-part-whole practice which focusses on 1v1 finishing against the goalkeeper. Anthony shares three components which allows the players opportunities to finish on the back of quick build up and running with the ball. Anthony then demonstrates how to use a small sided game to get repetition of finishing and through the second component of the practice, ramps up repetition before allowing the players back into a directional small sided game.

The question this week comes from Alan, and was submitted in the lead up to a PDP Members Webinar. “In your experience what are the differences (pro/cons) of the whole part whole methodology. USA coach education is moving away from simple to complex, good/bad?” Structure of the discussion What is meant by whole-part-whole? Benefits of it? Limitations? What is meant/implied by simple and complex sessions? Other session structures? Planning your week/month to offer variety Your Turn: Ask PDP Anything Do you have a coaching question that…

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