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Interest in women’s football is at an all-time high and on the surface it appears to be flourishing. Coverage of the Women’s World Canada 2015 is a testament to this. However, as a parent of both male and female youth players, it is evident that the gap between the women’s and men’s game is huge; a gap that exists from grassroots right through to the top level.


At youth level, I see coaches with higher qualifications assigned to boys’ teams and parent coaches allocated to the girls. My eldest daughter is consistently allocated Monday nights for training; Monday is a post-match, rest night for my son. My children have always been able to play EA Sports, FIFA games and select from a range of megastar male football players. It’s only recently been announced that FIFA 16 will feature female players for the first time, a great progression for the profile of the women’s game. Of course, young female players can play on male teams and many top women’s players such as France’s pacey left back, Amel Majri, have done...

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