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Top Stories: Issue #10

Glitz, Glamour and Balanlity

When the FIFPro World XI was announced in early January, it’s fair to say that some eyebrows were raised in some corners of the media. As one UK columnist wrote: “the 20,000 professional footballers polled appear to have voted like star-struck 11-year-olds at the Playstation controls.” Not surprisingly the XI featured 4 players from Barcelona, a fair reflection of their European and domestic dominance in the past year. The rest of the players all came from 5 other clubs: PSG, Bayern Munich, Juventus and – most surprisingly – four from Real Madrid. Here the eyebrows were most arched. Real Madrid had won nothing in 2015; could Sergio Ramos really have been the best central defender in World Football? Did Luka Modric really have a better year in midfield than Koke at Atletico? The complaints mounted up – and not just from the non-represented-but-expectant journalists of the English media.

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