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Unit 1: Laying the Foundations

Delivering a session is the chance for practical application of our coaching knowledge, wherever you are on your coaching journey. In this module, we will take you through some of the fundamental considerations when it comes to task design.

This course we will talk you through five key areas which will give you a basis to work through additional modules.

  • How to Plan & Common Mistakes
  • The Four Corner Model
  • The 3 R’s
  • Developing Decision-Makers & Problem Solving
  • Representative Learning Design

UEFA A licensed coaches, Dan Wright and Dave Wright will guide you through the topics above, giving you ideas and concepts to adapt and apply to your environment.

This first module should make you consider key practical elements around what you need to weigh up when getting ready to get on the grass and prepare the best session possible with your players. We recommend you watch with a critical lens, make notes as you watch, maintain an open mind to new ideas and consider what fits with your environment and your own level of understanding.


How to Plan & Common Mistakes

This module will guide you through the planning process, considerations for the team and individual as well as a few mistakes to avoid along the way.


A Four Corner Approach

The FA Four Corner model is widely regarded as a template for developing players across technical/tactical, psychological, physical and social elements. Dave and Dan discuss how it works, challenge the model and discuss how you can apply concepts from this framework to your environment.


The 3 Rs

Coaching is a spectrum which we need to manipulate based on player and team requirements. In this video, Dan and Dave will discuss how you can dial various elements up and down to deliver different results.


Developing Decision Makers & Problem Solving

Football is an invasion game made up of split second moments and multiple decisions based on information around the players, and interactions within the environment. In this video, Dave and Dan discuss how you can enhance decision making in your session design and set problems for players to solve.


Representative Learning Design

What is representative task design? In this video, Dan and Dave will take you through some definitions and try to enhance your understanding of how to design your sessions to be realistic to the game based on moments you’re focussing on or individual player needs.


Image Credits: Unsplash