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Unit 5: Culture, Planning & Practical Solutions

In our final unit of our session design module, we will discuss culture and share a number of practical solutions to assist your coaching as well as diving into individual planning.

In this unit UEFA A licensed coaches, Dave Wright & Dan Wright discuss culture, it’s dynamic nature and how it influences our coaching. Dan and Dave will also provide practical tips around including individual planning in your sessions, setting and reviewing targets, the coaching process and player led initiatives. This unit is a comprehensive look at the level of planning required to deliver quality sessions for your players.


Culture is a concept constantly discussed in sport and youth development. But what is it and how does it actually impact on what we do on the grass?


The Process

Every coach will have their own process and in this video we will explore some ideas around the coaching process and give you some areas to consider in your practice.


Player Cards

This video is an example of planning for individuals and how you can engage players in better understanding and taking ownership of their own development.


4 Corner Plan & Coach Led Example

How do we apply the 4 corner model and what does an individual plan look like? Dave and Dan share some insights into how they plan with their players.


Player Led Examples

This video exposes some real life examples from coaching environments Dan and Dave have worked in where players have driven and reflected on their own targets.


Match Diaries

In this video, Dan and Dave talk about match diaries, how you can encourage self reflection and apply a model of tracking progress with your players.


Practical Examples & Expert Clip

This video demonstrates how you can actually plan a practice to include individual targets with Dave and Dan talking through a number of examples, plus we hear from Birmingham City FC Assistant Academy Manager, Stuart English.


Reviewing Targets

What does a robust review process look like? Dan and Dave discuss how they have implemented reviews with players and share some advice on what you can do to support individuals in your group.


Reviews, Expert Clip & Tasks

This video dives further into the review process and features a clip from Portland Timbers T2 Head Coach, Cameron Knowles on developing individuals within the group. Finally, we’ll set you some tasks to apply in your environment.


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