Kieran Smith

UEFA A Licensed Coach, Kieran Smith joins us for a discussion on The Spanish Style & The Value of Rondos. We’ll discuss possession vs. progression, how to implement rondos into your sessions, the benefits of coaching abroad & cultural styles plus much more.

Kieran has been involved the coaching of football for over 10 years now and has worked for some great clubs in that time. He is a highly qualified coach who has been educated in football in 4 different countries attaining his UEFA A license along the way. He has extensively studied Spanish training methodologies, tactical periodisation, alongside other periodisation models and the possession/Juego de Posicion styles of play.

A Spanish speaker, Kieran is also a former tactical writer for Futbol Tactico (the largest coach magazine in Spain) in both English and Spanish.

Resident hosts, C14 PDP Magazine Editor & Brentford FC Academy Coach, Dave Wright & James Vaughan – C14 PDP Lead Researcher & Creativity Expert will be discussing the coach development journey both from their own experiences and the latest research. If you’re constantly in search of knowledge and have a desire to learn, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Book your place now.

Kieran Smith

Dave Wright

James Vaughan


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