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What do the world’s best coaches all have in common?

#1 They are constantly learning (they read a LOT!)

The latest research suggests that the world’s best coaches are on a constant journey to increase their knowledge, searching for great ideas and ANYTHING that can help them improve. 

This means soaking up a stream of QUALITY content, from top thinkers and innovators.

#2 They know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and they are open to change. 

Under pressure, coaches can revert back to their default settings (their values and habits). So, by defining your values, you can actively decide what kind of example you want to provide for your athletes. 

What is a great way to understand and define your values and habits? Search out new ideas, be open to change, challenge tradition and consistently engage in self-reflection. 

#3 They know their players. 

A 2015 study which asked 14 world-class coaches from many different disciplines (all described as ‘serial winners’), ‘what would have improved their coaching the most’ - a consistent theme appeared. They all said they wished they knew their athletes better. 

This means taking the time to get to know your athletes as individuals, understanding every players’ context and developing a positive environment for those individuals to flourish. There is no way to rush this. 

“Why should you subscribe? Easy. Because if you want to get better at helping children learn then this is one of the best places to start for forward-thinking content.” 

- Nick Levett, Head of Talent & Performance, UK Sport

Coaches face a lot of challenges.

Every session we have to answer tough questions...

- How can we help each member of our team learn, progress, and thrive?

- How can we create the ideal environment for each player?

- How can we help our players LOVE their sport?

- How can we be confident that we are doing a good job? 

These are all the key questions we, as coaches, need to face. And these are the topics we discuss EVERY DAY in our community.

You can spend hours searching YouTube looking for the latest session plans from Premier League Managers. You can spend hours on Twitter looking for nuggets of knowledge from some of your coaching mentors. 

But we bring quality content to you, all in one place.  

We have a global network of innovators who provide their insights to the Player Development Project community every week.

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We bring you the world’s best player developers, top communicators, most forward-thinking coaches, and the most innovative minds in sport. 

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Our goal is to make it easy, compelling and fun to learn about coaching, from the best in the world.

So take your coaching to the next level today. Join a community of coaches who are committed to learning.

“Player Development Project is an excellent resource for all coaches looking to understand and implement creativity with their players.”

 - Dan Micciche, Former MK Dons Manager & England U16 Coach