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Research Reviews

Moran, R. Blagrove, B. Drury, J. Fernandes, K Paxton, H. Chaabene, R. Ramirez-Campillo The Big Idea Every day the lonely man reads the matrimonial advertising pages, hoping to meet the girl of his dreams.  Not much luck until one day...

Q&A Videos

The question this week comes from Neil, via the PDP Innovation Space: “I start coaching a University team this month. I have not been involved with them before and clearly there will be new students involved for the first time...

The Blog

Unit 3 of Session Design provides a collection or practical sessions from a traditional and contemporary view, as well as content from Leicester City U18 coach, Steve Kirby on the his views on how to design a session. In this...

Masterclass Discussions

In this Masterclass Discussion, PDP Editor, Dave Wright is joined by Strength & Conditioning Coach, Matt Depledge. Matt has spent the last four years working for a Premier League Academy in England and is now working in the world of youth development in Tennis. Matt gives us a brilliant insight into his own experience and offers his advice as to how coache...

Masterclass Discussions

We are joined by Sean Reed, former first team coach at Fulham FC. Sean shares some crucial lessons from his coaching journey so far, which has taken him from the academy game to first team. Some of the key topics we discussed were: The academy journey - from age appropriate learning, to emerging trends in academy coaching, and how both formal and informal learning have shaped his coachi...

Session Plans
Session Plans