Growth & Maturation with Megan Hill

Wednesday September 16th 8.30am BST / 5.30pm AEDT / 7.30pm NZT


“At 16, my little brother was taller than me, but during the summer, when I turned 17 I grew 18 cms! I struggled to run normally. My knee was a little unstable. I had problems with my groin. I needed rehabilitation work and was out for six weeks. It was like living in another body.” – Virgil Van Dijk

Talent development and understanding performance versus potential is a complex topic.

The progression from childhood, through adolescence to adulthood is characterised by an individual experiencing growth, maturation, and development.

This process is unique to each child, it can be slow and steady or be full of huge growth spurts and challenging injuries. These influences can affect how children both learn and perform, making it difficult for coaches to assess potential.

In this live PDP Webinar, we are joined by Growth and Maturation Researcher from the University of Bath, Megan Hill to unpick this challenging area of player development. Megan will share some of her research from academy football in the UK. Hosted by Dan Wright and Dave Wright, we will cover:

  • What is growth, what is maturation, and what’s the difference?
  • What is the impact of being early, on time or later maturing player?
  • What is a growth spurt and how can it impact players in training and games?
  • How good are coaches at identifying potential during these key age groups?

This webinar will clarify some of the key considerations for understanding the growth and maturity of young footballers. Book your place now for an opportunity to ask questions live to Dave, Dan and Meg.

Our Presenters

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Dan Wright is an academy coach at a Premier League club. He holds the UEFA A Licence and the FA Advanced Youth Award and has extensive coaching experience working in high-performance environments in the UK and Africa. Dan is Technical Advisor at PDP and host of the On The Grass Podcast series.

Dave Wright

Dave Wright

Dave is a UEFA A licensed coach and Co-Founder of Player Development Project. He has 17 years’ coaching experience in England, Australia and New Zealand with players at all levels. During five years in the UK, Dave worked for Premier League club, Fulham FC and Championship club, Brentford FC. Dave is now working at A-League club, Melbourne Victory FC as U20 Coach. Dave’s eBook, Performance Soccer Coach: A Guide to Positive Player Development is available on Amazon.

Megan Hill

Megan Hill

Megan is a PhD Researcher in Growth & Maturation

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