Creativity values, culture, systems and control. What does it all mean and how does it impact coaching and sporting environments? In this Masterclass Discussion, PDP Editor, Dave Wright hosts Co-Founder of my fastest mile, Mark Upton alongside PDP Lead Researcher and AIK Academy Coach, James Vaughan.

In this wide-ranging conversation, the guys discuss some of James’ Phd research and his recently published paper on creativity, as well as diving down a number of rabbit holes such as:

  • Challenging the role of traditional sports science
  • The problem with creativity
  • Data built programs
  • The concept of control
  • Systemic issues in youth development
  • Organisational culture

This philosophical discussion will hopefully leave you considering your approach and generate a few different perspectives to look at your own coaching. When tuning in to this one, consider the environments we create, how we shape them and how they shape us.

Image Source: Jannik Skorna on Unsplash

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