Edu Rubio is a UEFA PRO License holder and the Technical Consultant at Crystal Palace F.C. He has previously worked for MK Dons FC, Chelsea FC, Nike Academy and The FA among others.

Edu also has a degree in Sports Science and studies in Sports Psychology. His mantra is work with passion, stay committed and be consistent with both; and he truly believes in Team work and a holistic & multidisciplinary day to day environment.

MK Dons are developing a reputation for nurturing thinking football players who aren’t afraid to express themselves on the pitch. In this discussion Edu Rubio talks about the importance of protecting and refining the clubs football philosophy.

Edu highlights what this means in this in his role as head of academy coach development and talks about the key attributes he looks for in an academy coach. Edu also provides advice for players and coaches as we get an insight into the workings of one of the top academies in the UK.

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