In this Live Webinar Replay, PDP host Nick Levett & Steve Lawrence for an in depth conversation on talent identification and relative age effect. This discussion is honest and passionate as Nick and Steve debate various points.

Our Masterclass Webinar discussion will include:

  • What is Relative Age Effect and how does it apply to football?
  • How does RAE discriminate?
  • Examples of clubs breaking the mould and innovating
  • How can we counter RAE?
  • Talent identification – how does RAE influence it?
  • Is football ahead or behind the game on this topic?
  • Retention and release of players – are we getting it right?
  • How does understanding RAE improve coaching?
  • Plus much more

Nick Levett is now the Head of Talent & Performance at UK Sport. At the time of this conversation, Nick was Talent Identification Manager for The FA in England where he has worked in a variety of roles. Nick’s philosophy is simple – “I believe in helping children maximise their potential and I just play the part of being another adult that supports that process, however I can. It’s about developing better people and better players, ultimately.” Nick also worked as an academy coach at Fulham FC for 6 years and is considered a real innovator in the English game.

Steve Lawrence is a consultant to Cruyff Football and Ajax in the Netherlands. With a Masters in International Sports Management, Steve founded the Football Analytics Lab and is at the forefront of research into the topic of Relative Age Effect. On top of his research, Steve has published a book ‘The Age Advantage in Association Football’ on the topic.

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