In this Masterclass Webinar replay, we host Director of Coach Education at the Royal Belgian FA, Kris Van Der Haegen for an energetic and in depth conversation on the Belgian model of player and coach development.

In this discussion, PDP Co-founder, Dave Wright & PDP Technical Advisor, Dan Wright co-host Kris for a wide ranging conversation on how the Belgian model was dramatically changed following the Euro 2000 tournament. Kris was a key driver of this change, addressing game formats, shifting coaches to a player-centric view, using play for development and using 1v1s as a first taste of organised football. This approach then required a huge shift in coach education to implement system change which Kris discusses.

This conversation sees Kris present a number of slides on a range of topics including:

  • Relative age effect
  • Talent identification
  • Maturation
  • Game formats
  • Small sided games
  • A child-first approach
  • Shifting the paradigm of a football paradigm
  • + Much more

This is essential viewing for coaches at all levels from a truly world-class coach educator and influencer in player development.

Image Credits: Deposit Photos

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