This PDP Live Session is the final part of a practice focussed on transition with a group of grassroots U12 players. UEFA A licensed coach, Dave Wright presents an 8v8 Counter Attack & Transition game which is easily adapted for your environment.

The focus of this session is to create a small sided game with a high level of repetition of counter attack (and defending counter attacks). Dave shares the session plan and some key constraints using thirds of a pitch which ensure opportunities for forward passes, forward runs, defending outnumbered and quick transition.

You’ll see in this session how Dave progressively relinquishes control of the practice allowing the players freedom to consistently attack and defend. Watch out for a particularly positive example of defending outnumbered and how despite the focus being attack, the three key elements of the game (attack, defence & transition) emerge. Another point to watch out for is the language Dave uses as he communicates with the players, focussing on the key factors of the practices, allowing for turnovers, encouraging positive mistakes and intervening only when required.

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