Passing and receiving are fundamental skills for developing players. In this live session, PDP Coaching Advisor, James Coutts shares an interference passing practice warm up which leads in to a session focussed on split passes and some key principles.

In this session, James gets this group of U11 players moving with an interference practice designed to give the players high repetition with some elements of traffic and decision-making. The focus of part one is to get the players switched on and working on a range of passes.

James progresses the practice into a zonal game which hones in on the theme of playing around or playing through with split passes and is incentivised with a finishing element. You’ll see clear and concise interventions from James as he tries to nail down some principles which lead into the later stages of the practice. This session is designed to inspire you to create sessions appropriate for your players and has been edited to clearly demonstrate some of the pictures that James intends to paint.

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Part 2: 8 v 4
Part 3: Breaking Lines to Score

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