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In this Masterclass Discussion, Dr. Craig Harrison is hosted by PDP Editor, Dave Wright for a wide ranging conversation on youth development, skill acquisition and the importance of play in the learning process for children. Craig and Dave cover a range of topics including sports science and how it can be integrated in youth settings, specilasation, development versus performance and much more. This is an insightful and educational interview with a real innovator in New Zealand youth sport. Image Source: Unsplash

In this article, coach, blogger and former Australian International Footballer, Joey Peters shares an article on the challenge for coaches to move from a control and command position to trust, optimising the youth development environment and allowing freedom for young athletes to explore. The Learning Dynamics Let’s move the sporting landscape from the old ‘Command and Control’ management method, which limits human potential in its stifling and restrictive manner, towards a ‘play-based’ facilitative approach. There we can respect and trust the science that clearly acknowledges learners capabilities as…

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