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topic of the month

Masterclass Discussions

In this Masterclass, we share a replay of our live and interactive webinar with UEFA A licensed academy coaches Dave Wright and Dan Wright. Dan and Dave discuss practice design in the final third, considerations when planning your session and...

Masterclass Discussions

In this Masterclass Discussion, FA National Women’s Coach Developer, Amy Price shares her unique approach to player development with Dave Wright & Dan Wright in a highly engaging conversation. Amy shares research on how coaches can use the principles of...

Masterclass Discussions

In this Live Webinar replay, UEFA A licensed coaches Dan Wright and Dave Wright share some of their favourite small sided games for youth football. Dan and Dave present a number of practices, including lead in games, adaptations and reasons...

The Blog

How do you decide what coaching practices to deliver? And what process do you follow when designing the practice? FA Senior Youth Coach Educator and regular PDP contributor, Ben Bartlett shares an article from Hive Learning which provides steps 1 and 2...

Research Reviews

Keith Davids, Duarte Araújo, Vanda Correia, and Luis Vilar The Big Idea  For this research reviewer, who is also an ex-youth soccer coach, occasionally there are uncomfortable moments arising from summarizing research papers for our PDP coaches and readers.  This...