Leadership is an inherent part of coaching. In this Masterclass Discussion, PDP Co-founder, Dave Wright is joined by father and son coaches, Keith & David Mayer for an in depth discussion on the topic of authenticity and leadership.

Keith and David Mayer have just released their second book, The Lone Wolf: A Story About Assumptions, Authenticity & Action.

Some of the key concepts from the book underpin this conversation with Keith, David and Dave diving into the following areas:

  • What is authenticity?
  • The coach as a role model
  • How can coaches be authentic in their approach?
  • The importance of self-awareness
  • Mental health and it’s place in sport
  • Plus much more

If you enjoy this discussion, you can buy Keith & David’s book on Amazon and don’t forget to check out their previous PDP Masterclass Discussion on Building Connections by clicking here.

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