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Learning Modules

Bravery & Courage

In this module Positive Psychology expert, Lara Mossman will outline what bravery and courage are from a positive psychology perspective. Lara discusses both theory and practical concepts for coaches to consider on the grass with PDP Co-Founder, Dave Wright.

How Coaching for Character Works

  1. Watch the video of Lara & Dave discussing the character trait
  2. Make some notes as to how this applies to your team or key points you want to remember
  3. View the two session plan videos presented by Dave with practices for you to implement with your players on the grass
  4. Download the PDF session plan of the practice, read through the rules, possible constraints and considerations and adapt the practice for your players

Coaching for Character is about the players working on character building, developing character strengths and using the game of football to deliver this personal growth. This is not the time for a tactical masterclass from the coach, but a time for the players to work together, face challenges and get success. From a coaching perspective, use your observation and listening skills, ask questions and allow the sessions to flow.

Introduction Video: Bravery & Courage in Football


Key Points

  • Encourage mistakes and risk taking
  • Promote a growth mindset
  • Affirm behaviour that aligns with the character traits
  • Encourage discussion between team mates

Video Session Plan 1


  • Encourage bravery on the ball
  • Team mates need to take risks
  • Split passes
  • Receiving techniques
  • Communication
  • Promote support for each other

Click here to download Session Plan 1 PDF

Video Session Plan 2


  • Encourage risky passes
  • Praise bravery in or out of possession
  • Forward runs
  • Positive intent
  • Patience and confidence on the ball
  • Encourage courageous 1v1s

Click here to download Session Plan 2 PDF

Additional Resources