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Caleb Porter: Sewing the Seeds of Success

Caleb Porter is a young coach with a decorated resume. Voted the 2013 MLS Coach of the Year after the Portland Timbers accrued 57 league points, Porter has brought a sense of stability to the club on the back of his time as USA Men’s U23 coach and a 12-year tenure in the American college soccer scene. PDP Editor Dave Wright spoke with Caleb about his career and progress at Portland Timbers.


Portland are a relatively new club to MLS, having only entered the league in 2011, but it’s clear when Caleb talks about his time at the club so far and the long-term view, that there is a plan in place. And a big part of Caleb’s role at Portland is to see that plan through: “The performance plan is always being developed,” he says. “We have a structure and a philosophy and have tried to implement that across the board. It is a plan which helps us develop players and teach them to understand what the first team is about.”

Like many who begin coaching young, Porter was forced...

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