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Session Plans

A collection of practical content including adaptable video session plans you can use at your next training session.

Research Reviews

Moran, R. Blagrove, B. Drury, J. Fernandes, K Paxton, H. Chaabene, R. Ramirez-Campillo The Big Idea Every day the lonely man reads the matrimonial advertising pages, hoping to meet the girl of his dreams.  Not much luck until one day...

Q&A Videos

The question this week comes from Paul via email; Paul asks, “Should possession practices be directional?”   Additional Resources Ebook: Coaching Fundamentals: Six Steps to Creating Quality Youth Soccer Training Sessions Your Players Will Love. PDP Session Plan Library Your...

Masterclass Discussions

In this Live Webinar replay, UEFA A licensed coaches Dan Wright and Dave Wright share some of their favourite small sided games for youth football. Dan and Dave present a number of practices, including lead in games, adaptations and reasons...

Session Plans