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“Joining Player Development Project is a great way to enhance your players learning environment and development. A fantastic resource for all coaches.”

 - Michael Beale, Foundation Phase Head of Coaching, Liverpool FC

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PDP Membership is not for every coach. 

If you are a coach who believes that you no longer need to continue learning, PDP Membership is not for you.

However, if you are always looking to improve your understanding of the game, and your understanding of how to maximise the potential of your players, then PDP Membership is for you.

Whether it’s your first season or your 30th season, you will be joining a community of like-minded coaches who are focussed on continually learning from the latest research, from exploring big ideas, and from value driven experts who are innovating in player development.

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What current members say

“First of all I love the website, blog and session plans I think they’re excellent. Really useable website and the weekly email updates are brilliant. Overall I think you have an excellent product and being a young academy phase coach myself I feel the relevance in your blog posts is brilliant.”

- Carl Short

“I think that the PDP membership is awesome! Great value for money and full of really useful information and knowledge. I have found the masterclass sessions to be very helpful, and I have incorporated the relevant knowledge from the academic article reviews in the training program I run for my team.” 

- Jesse Rawlings

Membership features

Masterclass Discussions


A video library of in-depth discussions with top experts

From live webinar events, to recorded interviews with player development experts, explore our library of 30-90 minute discussions. Submit your question in the lead up to each event and we’ll make it part of the conversation.

Session plans


A video library of practical session plans.

We have a growing library of practical video session plans. Search by category and age-group to find the most appropriate sessions for your players. Our team walk you through the key points and progressions of every session.

pdp magazine


In-depth articles from expert writers and contributors. 

Gain access to all future PDP Magazines, as well as all back issues. Go beyond a pop-football view of the game and dive into topics you care about. Interviews with top players and coaches, research-based articles and decisive views from the front lines of player development.


Concise summaries of the most cutting edge research. 

Our team review cutting edge academic research papers which are relevant to player development. We then summarise them into simple articles with key takeaway points for coaches. We make it easy for you to stay up-to-date with the latest research.

innovation space


An exclusive members-only discussion forum.

PDP Innovation Space is where we tackle topics from grassroots session planning, to latest academy initiatives. Join the conversation and learn from the community.

What the experts say

“Why should you subscribe? Easy. Because if you want to get better at helping children learn then this is one of the best places to start for forward-thinking content.”

 - Nick Levett, Talent Identification Manager, The FA

“Player Development Project is an excellent resource for all coaches looking to understand and implement creativity with their players.”

 - Dan Micciche, England U16 Head Coach