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Jose Mourinho: The Price of Success

An excellent two part 12,000 word blog post by Jonathan Wilson recently circulating on social media called The Devils Party examined the factors that led to Jose Mourinho’s downfall at Chelsea.

This fantastic article inspired The Player Development Project’s James Vaughan and Dave Wright to discuss how a managerial legend like Mourinho could fail so catastrophically at the club that reveres him most. By looking a little deeper, beyond just tactics, to examine the experiences that shaped his character, drivers, attributes and flaws, can we identify what the catalyst was for this self-destruction?

Jose’s story may indeed be a cautionary tale, highlighting the motivational consequences of a focus on the extrinsic over the intrinsic: a focus on tangible, quantifiable success over subjective style and footballing vision.

After winning the Premier League last year, Jose Mourinho (without prompt) decided that this was the time to compare his achievements with Pep Guardiola’s. In the post-match press conference he said:

“For me, I’m not the smartest guy to choose countries and clubs. I could choose another club in another country where...

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