In this Live Webinar replay, Todd Beane, Co-Founder of Cruyff Football & Founder of TOVO Institute discusses his experience, what he’s learnt from Johan Cruyff and some of his recent blog posts. We’ll be discussing practical advice for establishing an environment of development. Also joining the discussion from the USA will be Chris Panayiotou – the Developmental Director of Rush Soccer, Virginia. Chris is a highly experienced coach. Originally from England, Chris has presented at the NSCAA Coaching Convention and he has multiple qualifications from the USA & England.

  • What does an optimum developmental environment look like?
  • The Barcelona Model & Cruyff Methodology
  • Creating a culture of learning
  • Isolated training vs. Game based learning
  • Development vs. Performance
  • Working with the individual within the collective
  • TOVO Training
  • Getting the buy in of parents

PDP Editor & UEFA A licensed Coach, Dave Wright hosts the conversation alongside PDP Lead Researcher, James Vaughan.

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