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Natural Running

Messi, Robben, Ronaldo, Sterling, Iniesta - these players, and many others, all have something in common. Not how much they’re paid, their on-field creativity, or their level of fame - it’s a key physical attribute of their game. Small steps. Running and movement expert, John Marsh examines natural running and what makes this so devastating on the football pitch.


Over recent years there has been a large movement in endurance running circles called ‘natural running’ or ‘barefoot running’. It’s unclear from where this sudden trend emerged, but books such as Christopher McDougal’s Born To Run, as well as sporadic (and sometimes information-sparse) articles in leading running magazines, certainly helped. Arguably, the awareness of barefoot running has grown in concert with the now reasonably widespread whole food movement – it seems many are looking to return to a more natural way of life, from their food choices through to their running shoes.

But what are the potential benefits of barefoot running, and how can aspects of this be used for both general training and aerobic conditioning, or on the football...

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