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Rethinking Football Training

With complete freedom to redesign talent development, what would you do? Founder of TOVO Academy Barcelona and top PDP contributor Todd Beane answers this question by providing an exclusive insight into the ‘TOVO way'.

TOVO Academy offers football immersion programs for youth players, as well as coaching courses designed for innovative trainers and technical directors. They also train players and coaches on site worldwide via their Club Alliance scheme.

The idea came about when I tried to answer the following question: with complete freedom to redesign talent development, what would you do? I encourage you to take out a blank piece of paper, clear your mind and give it a go.

Inquiry: Tabula Rasa

This is actually what I did. I bought a journal and rid myself of the politics and “powers that be” in football and focused only on maximizing the talent of a young player. I did not let myself edit out any ideas. Instead, I let them flow freely onto the page, scribbling relentlessly without restraint.

"I'll play it first and tell you what it is later." - Miles Davis


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