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Why did we set this up?

We believe connection with other like-minded coaches is an essential element that will help PDP Members learn and achieve their coaching goals. Slack will also provide direct communication with the PDP team for all PDP Members.

We believe Slack is the best tool in the world for creating fun, distraction-free communities who can share, discuss, upload and learn together.

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How it works.


Sign up for Slack in just a few clicks.

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In Slack, tell us your name,
the age-group you're
coaching, and where you are
in the world.


Ask questions of the PDP
Team, or the other coaches in
the group. Help others by
responding to their questions.

What is Slack?

Slack is a free messaging tool for groups and communities.

Everything in Slack is searchable, and syncs immediately on the Mobile App, Desktop App, and Browser versions.

Slack is distraction-free.

Unlike Facebook Groups, Slack is not filled with Ads, photo albums and new clickbait articles to undermine the discussion and distract you from learning.

Sharing files, videos, images is incredibly easy.

With Slack, PDP Members can share all kinds of files and links, and can even upload videos of their own sessions for feedback from other PDP Members, or the PDP Team.

Join the PDP Members Slack channel now and
connect with a community of coaches just like you.

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