Are you running “static” sessions? Regular PDP contributor and founder of TOVO International, Todd Beane explains the dangers of static sessions and gives some practical advice for coaches to move towards ‘solution’ based sessions.

There are voices from locker rooms of false wisdom suggesting that to train we must we must suffer through some rite of painful passage. It is a very macho and misguided notion of how we must make “suck it up” to stack up. It also tends to justify horribly boring training sessions.

This rationale leads into sessions that are flush with drills, drills, and drills. Drills that we would not inflict upon ourselves but willingly do so on young children.

They are static: lacking movement, development or vitality. Do you run static sessions?

Ask yourself:

  • Are your players in lines waiting to perform?
  • Are you using hoops, sticks, ladders and other gear to mask mindless drills?
  • Are you doing exercises that take longer to explain than to perform?
  • Are your players just passing catatonically from cone to cone?

If I am honest, I have run mundane sessions. As a young coach, I was taught that order was effective team management. As a young teacher, I was taught classroom management. But neither “teams” nor “classrooms” need to be managed. Instead, players on those teams and students in those classrooms needed to be challenged and inspired.

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Todd Beane
Todd Beane
Todd Beane is the Founder of TOVO Academy, a football immersion program in Barcelona for players and coaches. Todd was also a Co-founder of Cruyff Football & is heavily involved in the Cruyff Institute.
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