changing the game

U10 soccer is an important time for young players. As young players enter the second half of the Foundation Phase, they’ll continue to build a connection with the game and develop the basic skills required to play and enjoy it, but also increase the breadth of their learning. This is a time to help children deepen their understanding of soccer, explore new ways of using the skills they’ve developed, and gain confidence as independent decision-makers, preparing them for a lifetime of involvement in the sport….

Throughout sports history there have been examples of militant coaches and stories of those who go too far on the sideline. However, the line can be crossed and coaches must recognise the position of influence they have on young athletes lives. Founder of Changing the Game Project, John O’Sullivan shares an article on a terrible recent story of bullying in American Sports which has left lives ruined and raised a huge number of questions in the coaching industry.   On May 29, 2018, University of…

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