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Q&A Videos

The question this week comes from Chaz via Facebook. Chaz asks, “Is there value in tournaments for my U13 players if they only get limited minutes?”   Additional Resources Ebook: Coaching Fundamentals: Six Steps to Creating Quality Youth Soccer Training...

The Blog

Pressure is part of sport. So how can coaches help players embrace or reduce this significant psychological factor to enhance creativity and freedom when performing? Psychologist and Lecturer at Staffordshire University, Dr. Martin J. Turner shares examples and research in...

The Blog

How can sport help build resilience in people? Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Staffordshire University, Dr. Martin Turner shares some examples of failure and success in sport from football, golf and tennis outlining the value of learning from these challenges...

Masterclass Discussions

The psychological corner of player development can be seen as the most complex. It is dynamic and very much has to be catered towards the individual. In a coaching context it is a fundamental part of our roles but often one of the most overlooked. Join regular PDP host Dave Wright as he engages in an informative discussion with John Haime, President of New Edge Performance in Canada.