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task design

Masterclass Discussions

In this Live Webinar replay, UEFA A licensed coaches Dan Wright and Dave Wright share some of their favourite small sided games for youth football. Dan and Dave present a number of practices, including lead in games, adaptations and reasons...

Research Reviews

Sara Santos, Sergio Jiménez, Jaime Sampaio, Nuno Leite The Big Idea When you sit a spell and think over the major point of session planning in sports, you can’t avoid the big idea of transformation. Hence, such training programs are...

The Blog

How do you decide what coaching practices to deliver? And what process do you follow when designing the practice? FA Senior Youth Coach Educator and regular PDP contributor, Ben Bartlett shares an article from Hive Learning which provides steps 1 and 2...

The Blog

Game-based learning has enormous benefits in terms of decision-making and skill acquisition. PE Teacher, blogger and regular PDP contributor, Sporticus shares his fantastic article on the advantages of manipulating games and the environment and how coaches can adjust conditions in...

Q&A Videos

The question this week comes from Michael: “I am interested to know how to build practice sessions when you only have two days of training per week of 90 minutes each. How many components should I have within my sessions...