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VAR: The End of the Dark Arts?

VAR technology has already had a monumental impact on football at the highest level, including the World Cup Final. PDP Technical Advisor, Dan Wright examines the impact of VAR, the potential risks and some of the subsequent trends emerging in the beautiful game.


Since its inception football has had many innovations that have shaped the way we play and view the modern game. These changes have come in various forms. There have been large fundamental changes such as the introduction of offsides, the use of substitutes or removing the option to pass back to the goalkeeper. There have also been subtle tweaks of the existing laws and, more recently, the utilisation of technology such as the Video Assistant Referee (VAR). All with the ultimate aim of improving the beautiful game. A recent success story has been the introduction of goal line technology, helping the referee make the right shout and making moments like Frank Lampard’s ghost goal against Germany in 2010, a thing of the past.

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) was used at the FIFA World Cup...

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