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Back to the Streets

How can play impact performance? PDP Lead Researcher & International Futsal player, James Vaughan examines how important play is when it comes to finding solutions in a high performance setting.

Last month New Zealand played against the Solomon Islands in the FIFA Futsal World Cup qualifiers in Fiji. Tied at the top of the table this game was the tournament decider, the game that determined Oceania's representative for the upcoming World Cup in Colombia. Four years of preparation and sacrifice on the line during 40 minutes of play.

The Solomon Islanders are often called the ‘Brazilians of Oceania’. Flamboyant and extravagant, what their play lacks in tactical structure it makes up for in speed and skill. However, it wasn’t their physical or technical abilities that made the Solomons so dangerous last month, it was their mental strengths –  more specifically their mentality.

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