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El Clasico: Inside Camp Nou

In the second part of this ethnographic insight on El Clasico, the biggest match in world football, PDP Lead Researcher James Vaughan continues with his observations from his experience watching a masterpiece inside Camp Nou...


My friend and I part ways as we reach the Camp Nou and I walk the well-travelled path through access 18, in gate 39 and up to level 3. As I climb up and out into the open-air stadium I see the green grass and the colossal circular stands, and my heart rate accelerates.

I find my seat and sit in a daydream until whistling begins and boos breaks out; the white of Real Madrid is unmistakable as players emerge from the belly of Camp Nou. It’s only the warm up (see below) but the whistles howl. Ferocious whistling is commonplace at Camp Nou, especially at the beginning of European Champions League matches. Unlike the current whistles – directed at the opposition – the piercing noise at Champions League games is in protest of UEFA.

Last season UEFA...

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