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High Speed Chess

Football is a game of speed, whether it's quick thinking, or quick movement. PDP Editor & UEFA A licensed coach, Dave Wright & Brentford FC first team analyst, Zaheer Shah examine some clips and stats from the 2018 World Cup, sharing thoughts on some of the trends to emerge at the tournament and whether they have implications in youth development.


The 2018 World Cup has seen the importance of combination play, transition, quick counter attack, 1 v 1 attributes and game changing individual brilliance as key components to success. In an era dominated by possession football and with pressing the preferred method of defending, what lessons can we take from football's showpiece that may influence tomorrow's stars and trends in player development?

Without a doubt, encouraging young players to form a love for the game, mastery of the ball and an ability to pass and receive are all key ingredients to helping young players enjoy the game and help them reach their potential. Decision-making in all of these scenarios is crucial, whether that's how and when to receive...

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