In our very first PDP Live Session, UEFA A licensed coach, Dave Wright hits the training ground to demonstrate a 4 v 4 + 4 possession and positional practice.

Working with twelve U15 players, Dave demonstrates how coaches can deliver an opposed passing and possession practice with a number of technical aims. This practice provides high repetition of passing receiving skills under pressure, variety of decision-making and encourages players to take up positions in space so they can play forward early.

Dave includes some individual challenges for central players and goalkeepers as well as working on quick transition. This session can be adapted from 9-15 players and distances adjusted to alter difficulty in or out of possession. Dave will talk through what he’s observing as the session unfolds and work with the players on taking risks, encourage players to decide when to keep possession or progress with the ball, work on different receiving shapes and how to break lines with forward passes.

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