In this PDP Live Session, UEFA A licensed Coach, Dave Wright shares a practice designed to help players work on individual possession, really focussing on receiving and retaining the ball.

The video shows Dave using a variety of coaching interventions including Q&A, guided discovery, positive reinforcement and demonstrations. Dave presents the session and explains some of the progressions as well as reflections on what went well and what could have been a lot better. The context of this session is a group of grassroots U12 players who were new to the coach and hadn’t tried this session before. There were mixed abilities throughout the group and the entire practice was around 20-25 minutes of a 90 minute session.

This practice is a great session for players of all ages wanting to improve their ball retention, dribbling and passing and can be used as a football fitness session with older players.

Note: Please note we had a few minor sound issues. We apologise for any inconvenience. This session has been edited to illustrate the session structure, interventions and key coaching points so coaches can implement it in their environment. The practice ran for over 20 minutes so if you attempt this practice, ensure the ball rolls and the players get lots of repetition in both 1v1s and support roles.

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